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Wellesley College Research Guides

InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

A Guide to ILL at Wellesley.

Logging into your ILL account

Login to your ILL account using DUO.


Trouble Logging In?

You may receive an error when attempting to log in to your Interlibrary Loan (ILL) account if you have installed the Zotero browser extension. Please see these instructions on how to edit your extension to fix the issue.

If you continue to have any trouble logging in, please contact our ILL staff ( or 781-283-2101).

Using the Menu

Once you login to your ILL account, you will see your homepage.  You can use the menu at the top as well as the Received PDFs, Checked Out Items, and Pending Requests sections underneath to navigate through your active ILL requests.   

ILL Alerts - Are located under the menu and used to post schedule changes, reminders, or updates.  


New Requests

Blank ILL request forms  can be found here.  Select the form you need and click submit.  Libraries need an ISBN or OCLC number to process each request.  



  • Searching in WorldCat, Super Search or the Databases imports ALL the citation information required into the ILL form and will expediate your request.  
  • For Book, eBook (PDF), Media, Score Requests, make sure to change the eBook or Print dropdown to indicate the format you need.  **eBooks are not always available due to copyright restrictions from publishers**



A screenshot of the history dropdown menu which includes options for all requests, cancelled requests, completed requests and your notification history.  The history dropdown shows all history of your ILL requests (all requests, cancelled requests, completed requests) as well as your notification history.  Your notification history shows all emails sent to you by the ILL office. 




Search A screenshot of the ILL search box






The search function allows you to search for a specific ILL request.  Active requests include your ILL requests that are Received PDFs, Checked Out Items or Pending Requests (these are also located on your homepage of your ILL account.  For requests in any other status, use search all requests.