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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

A Guide to ILL at Wellesley.

ILL Loan Requests

Book, CD/DVD & Scores Requests

  • Are requested from lending libraries internationally and sent to Clapp library for our users to borrow.
  • Usually delivered within 2-10 days (depending on availability of request, location of lending library, and the type of mail used to ship the request to us)
  • Emails are sent to your Wellesley address when your loan request is available for pick up.
  • Due dates and renewals are set by the lending library.


When Placing Your ILL Loan Requests:  

  • Provide as much citation information as possible (providing the ISBN number or OCLC number will help us process your request faster).  TIP: Requesting through WorldCat will import this information into your request automatically!  

Requesting ILL Loans

Before Requesting Loans Through ILL:

  • Do we already own it?  Check to see if your request is already available in one of the Wellesley college libraries using the Wellesley Catalog or WorldCat.

  • Is it on on course reserve?  If not, ask the professor to place a copy on reserve, especially if it's a textbook.  (Textbooks can be difficult to find and request through ILL).

  • Do you need the whole book?  If you only need a limited number of chapters from a book (in accordance with copyright law-must not exceed 10% of the book), please try placing a book chapter request for each chapter needed and we'll try to get them electronically.