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Wellesley College Research Guides

InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

A Guide to ILL at Wellesley.

Tracking Your ILL Requests

Tracking Your ILL Request Status

Login to your ILL account with DUO.

All active Article, Book Chapter, eBook & Thesis requests will be displayed on your ILL account homepage.  (Please use the ILL account information tab on the menu on the left for more information on request searching and history).  

ILL Statuses

Below is a list and an explanation of what each status means.

Note about loan items that have been shipped: **When you receive an email that your loan has shipped, it doesn't change the status.  It will still be "Request has been sent to lending libraries to be filled" until the request arrives and is processed.**

ILL Status Status
Awaiting Request Processing Request is waiting for more citation information and will be processed by ILL staff shortly.
Note to Patron Please check your email. ILL staff have a question about your request.
Request Sent to Lending Libraries Request Sent to Lending Libraries
Request has Arrived and is Being Processed Request has been received and is being processed by ILL staff
Ready to be picked up at the Clapp Service Desk Your request has arrived and can be picked up at the Clapp Service Desk.
Checked Out Request has been checked out to you.
Recalled by Lending Library. Please Return asap. Lending library needs the book back asap. Please return.
Returned Request has been returned and is ready to go back to lending library
PDF Received PDF Received (please print or save within 30 days)
Request Finished Request is on the way back to lending library
Unable to Fill Request. Please see email. Request was unable to be filled. You will receive an email with further details.
Patron Canceled Request Request Cancelled at Request from Patron
Needs ILL Staff Attention -This Request May Be Available At Wellesley Request may be available at Wellesley. Waiting for ILL Staff to check and process request.
Working with lending library regarding a question about your request ILL Staff working with Lending Library with a question about your request.

Viewing ILL Status Information from Your ILL Homepage

Viewing ILL Status Information from the Homepage:

PDFs that have been received will be under "Received PDFs" .  The status will be PDF Received (please print or save within 30 days). Click on the pdf to view them.  


Any ILL loans you currently have checked out will be under "Checked Out Items".  The status will be Checked Out to Customer with the Due Date. Click on the pdf to view them.  The due date can also be found here. 

Article/Book Chapter and loan requests not yet received will be under "Pending Requests".   The status will be Request sent to Lending Libraries.    

Trouble Logging In?

You may receive an error when attempting to log in to your Interlibrary Loan (ILL) account if you have installed the Zotero browser extension. Please see these instructions on how to edit your extension to fix the issue.

If you continue to have any trouble logging in, please contact our ILL staff ( or 781-283-2101).