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Who Are We?

This team of LTS staff can help you make a video, record a podcast, build a blog, 3D print, or even create a virtual world.  Read on to choose a staff member to help you realize your vision!


Instructional Technology

Rebecca Darling
Officially the Instructional Technology Humanities Subject Specialist, but I do a lot of work across disciplines. I'm a good generalist. Look to me for help with creative use of tech in class, digital humanities, project planning, design for posters and presentations, digital storytelling, and more.
Mac Stewart
I am currently an Instructional Technologist in the Research & Instructional Services group of LTS. My main responsibilities are assisting faculty and students with the use of technology for teaching and learning, and providing assistance with systems such as the content management system and the learning management system.
Rachele Byrd
Sakai and Google LMS support.
Allegra Dufresne
Instructional Technologist for the Scholarly Innovations team, specializing in creative media production, such as Adobe CC. 
Shane Cox 
Supports faculty and students with both digital and physical projects that require the use of "maker" resources, including, but not limited to: 3D modeling/printing/scanning, sewing, circuitry, sustainable prototyping, and video and image editing.