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Thesis & Departmental Honors Students

Keep Track of Important Dates

Consult the Thesis Process page from the Office of the Registrar for updates and further information. 

Monday, February 15

Departments and programs approve all students continuing from 360 to 370. With the department’s approval, each student is administratively registered by the Registrar’s Office.  A student may not self-register for a 360 or 370 course.

Friday, April 16

Each department will confirm the names of students standing for honors in their department (a list of candidates  is provided by the Registrar's Office to each Department Chair). In select departments that offer an alternate path to departmental honors, the Chair (or Chair’s designee) will provide the names of each student being considered for departmental honors through any alternative path (for example, honors by examination).

Friday, April 30

Students must submit thesis reviewers through the thesis reviewer form with a clear indication of which role each faculty member will serve:

  1. honors advisor
  2. honors visitor
  3. department chair or Chair's designee
  4. additional member of the department

Follow the link to more information about the Procedure for Selecting Honors Visitors.

Friday, May 7 @ Noon

Students must submit the thesis document electronically to the College's Repository.  Students must also email an electronic copy to all oral examination committee members (and provide paper copies as requested). See an example of what the title page should look like.

Friday, May 7 @ Noon

Embargo request deadline. Students requesting an embargo must complete the embargo request form.

Monday, May 10 - Thursday, May 27

Oral examinations are scheduled through the Chair/ Program Director within these dates.

Friday, May 21

The Department Chair (or Chair’s designee) submits the name of each student who has earned departmental honors by any non-thesis path (such as by examination) to the Registrar.

Friday, May 28

The designated honors visitor (representing CCAP) must report on the results of the Oral Examination committee decision to grant honors using the Report of Honors work form.

Fri, June 11 (midnight)

In cases where revisions were required by the oral examination committee, a student must submit a final edited copy to the College's Repository. Instructions for submitting a revised document are available.