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Interlibrary Loan Covid 19 Update

At this time, Interlibrary Loan can only process article and book chapter requests (pdfs). We are unable to fill loan requests for physical items for students. 

If you would like to make a request for an e-book, please contact  
If you only need specific chapters from a book, please try placing a book chapter request for each chapter needed and we'll try to get them electronically.
If this is for a class, please check with your instructor who may have already requested the resource for you. If not, please contact

Interlibrary Loan

Did you know you could request books, articles, and more that Wellesley doesn't own? 

Don't stop searching when you've just gotten started, request the materials from Interlibrary Loan!


Click the map for a detailed guide to requesting materials from other libraries.



Request Type  Average Time for Request
 ILL (book)

 currently unavailable

** 2-10 days 

 ILL (article/chapter) hours to 2 days 


** Some materials may take longer based on location of lending library and availability of item requested