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Wellesley College Research Guides

Thesis & Departmental Honors Students

Submitting your Thesis

Please address any questions to

See an example of what your title page should look like (also linked from the Honors Thesis Process page below). 

See the Honors Thesis Process page from the Office of the Registrar for Spring 2024 dates. 

Submitting an Honors Thesis

Honors theses are archived electronically in the Wellesley College Digital Repository. See the Policy below for more information.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: To complete the submission of your thesis, you will need: 

  • the correct spelling of the name of your advisor(s)
  • your abstract (if any) available to type or paste into the form
  • embargo approval (if applicable)
  • a digital copy of your completed thesis, saved in pdf format, on your local computer. Rename your thesis file as follows:


(for example: WCTC_2024_WellesleyWendy_MyAmazingThesis.pdf)


To submit your thesis succesfully, you will need to do two things:

1) Upload the pdf version of your thesis to this Google Form, completing all the required fields.

2) Email the pdf version of your thesis as an attachment to all oral examination committee members.

The identical version should be used for both steps. This version is considered to be the final version unless any revisions are required. 

The deadline to submit your thesis to the repository and your oral exam committee for Spring 2024 is 12 noon on Monday, April 8, 2024. All repository submissions will be timestamped and all students are expected to submit no later than the established deadline.


Revision Process:

If (and only if) you have been instructed by your committee to submit a revised version of your thesis, please upload it using the same form as above, indicating that it is a revision. You will be able to submit revisions until 12 midnight on Monday, May 13, 2024.


Questions about thesis registration and deadlines can be addressed to:

Questions about the submission process can be addressed to:



Thesis Policy:

After acceptance, a copy of the thesis is deposited in the Wellesley College Archives. It then becomes the property of the College and, as such, is made available to requestors in accordance with the policies governing the use of the Archives. (Articles of Government, Book II, Article IV, Section 2).

Occasionally a student may feel that distribution of her thesis will jeopardize the privacy or safety of the author or other individuals or groups. In such a case the author, in consultation with her advisor, should submit to the Committee on Curriculum and Instruction [CCAP], no later than the tenth week of the semester the thesis is due, a request for exception to the Archiving requirement. The Committee on Curriculum and Instruction will advise the student and her advisor, the College Archives and the student’s department/program if an exception has been granted. (Articles of Government, Book II, Article IV, Section 2).

In unusual circumstances the student, in consultation with her advisor, may request that thesis be embargoed (made unavailable through the institutional repository) for a period of up to 2 years. The primary reason to embargo is to prevent the dissemination of data concerning an ongoing research project.

Explore the Digital Repository

Find past theses

Wellesley College Honors Theses from 2012 on are available online in Wellesley's digital repository. You can contact the Archives to make an appointment to view theses written before 2012.

All theses (currently around 4,000) are listed in the Library catalog. You can click "Edit this Advanced Search" to add a keyword to the search to find topics of interest.