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Interlibrary Loan (ILL): Tracking ILL Requests

A Guide to Interlibrary Loan Services at Wellesley.

Tracking ILL Requests

Tracking ILL Requests:


Login to your ILL account.  








Find the "Active Requests" queue and find the "status" column.



ILL Request Statuses

ILL requests go through a variety of different steps before they are available to you.  Below is a list of the steps and an explanation of what each status means.

Awaiting Copyright Clearance

Article/Book Chapter from within the last 5 years needing copyright clearance or an issn or isbn number before processing

Awaiting Request Processing

Request is ready to be processed by ILL staff

Note to Patron

Please check your email.  ILL staff has a question about your request.  

Request Sent to Lending Libraries

Request has been sent to lending libraries to be filled

Request has Arrived and is Being Processed 

Request has been received and is being processed by ILL staff

Ready for pick up at the Clapp Service Desk 

Request is received and ready to pick up at the Clapp Service Desk

Recalled by Lending Library. Please Return asap.

Lending library needs the book back asap.  Please return.


Request has been returned and is ready to go back to lending library

PDF Received

PDF is received and ready to be saved/printed

Request Finished

Request is on the way back to lending library

Unable to Fill Request.  Please see email.  

Request was unable to be filled.  You will receive an email with further details.

Patron Canceled Request

Customer canceled the request after submitting it.