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KOR 256: Gender and Language in Modern Korean Culture


This guide provides some useful starting points for your research in KOR 256. If you would like help finding, evaluating, or citing sources, or would like to chat about any aspect of your research, please get in touch! You can email me or make an appointment on my calendar. See my contact information on this guide.

Get Started with SuperSearch

SuperSearch can be a great place to cast a wide net, since it searches almost everything the library has (journal articles, books, films, newspaper articles, and more), in one easy-to-use interface. You can use the filters on the results screen to refine your search and improve your results. 

Because SuperSearch contains so much content from so many different kinds of sources and academic disciplines, it can sometimes be hard to focus a search to get the most relevant results. At the same time, SuperSearch is also not comprehensive and can miss key sources. To search with more focus, precision, and depth, be sure to try the specialized databases recommended on this guide, or search the library catalog for books and films. 

Selected Databases for Scholarly Sources

To find other databases for your research, check out our full Database A-Z list. You can filter by Subject (organized by academic departments and programs at Wellesley) or by Database Type (scholarly articles, newspapers, primary sources, etc.) 

Korean-Language Scholarly Sources

Selected Reference Databases (for Background & Context)

Specialized encyclopedias, handbooks, companions, and other reference sources can be very helpful for exploring a topic. They can summarize knowledge around a topic, synthesize scholarly discussions, and define key concepts. They often include bibliographies as well, making them a good resource for identifying key books and articles on a topic. Try searching for a topic in one of the following databases to search multiple reference sources at once. 

Individual Handbooks & Encyclopedias

Selected Books

Databases with Streaming Media

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