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LING 238: Sociolinguistics


This guide provides some useful starting points for your research in LING 238. Use the tabs to start exploring the variety of tools and resources available to you. If you would like help finding, evaluating, or citing sources, or would like to chat about any aspect of your research, please get in touch! You can email me or make an appointment on my calendar. See my contact information on this guide.


SuperSearch is a great place to start for journal articles, books and almost everything else the library has, in one easy to use interface.

For searching with more focus and precision, try one of the databases recommended on this guide.

Search Tips

Use AND to combine multiple concepts in your search. This will narrow your results.

bilingualism AND identity

Use OR to find different ways your topic could be expressed. This will expand your results.

(bilingualism OR multilingualism) AND identity

Use an asterisk * to find variant endings, or as a wild card. This will expand your results

(bilingual* OR multilingual*AND wom*AND identity

Use quotation marks " " to search words as a phrase. This will narrow your results.

"code switching" AND bilingual*

To find research on African American English, try a variety of terms.

("african american english" OR "african american language" OR "african american vernacular english" OR aave OR "black english")

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