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ESRI's Desktop GIS

ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is the current desktop GIS application designed for creating, editing, and analyzing geospatial data and maps. ArcPro replaces ArcMap. 


Follow this learning path to migrate to ArcGIS Pro.

For more self-paced training, go to the Esri Tutorial Gallery, on the Filter to the left, select the following:

All Products ► ArcGIS Pro

All Roles ► New User or Student

All Levels ► Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced


ArcGIS Desktop Access

Public Lab Computers

  • ArcGIS Pro - select Knapp Media Center PCs
  • ArcMap - Science Center Data Lounge computers


To use ArcGIS Pro, you need to have an ArcGIS Online account. You can create an account by signing into Wellesley ArcGIS Online (

Once you have your account. You can proceed to use ArcGIS Pro.

When you launch ArcGIS Pro (), you will be prompted to log in. Click on "Sign in Using Browser"


Install on Your Own Windows Computer

Before you install ArcGIS Pro, verify if your computer meets the requirements to run the program. Follow these instructions to download the .exe file and install following the installation prompts.