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ESRI's ArcGIS Onlne

What is ArcGIS Online?

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based software suite designed for analyzing geospatial data and making interactive maps and web applications.

Available to the Wellesley College community, please follow the next section on Logging in to ArcGIS Online.


Logging in to ArcGIS Online

  1. Go to the Wellesley ArcGIS Online (
  2. Click on the blue Wellesley College button, and use your Duo single sign-on credentials

Wellesley College ArcGIS Online single sign on

Note: If your account was created before August 2023, you will sign in under "ArcGIS login" as follows. If you want to sign in using Duo single-sign on this point forward, please sign in using single sign-on, which will create a new account for you. Then, please email Tracy ( to transfer your previous content to the new account.

ArcGIS Online Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

Click on the Steps to watch a short video on each topic. Click on the links below each video for additional information and documentation.


Lesson 0: Before You Start


Lesson 1: Signing In

Lesson 2: Starting a New Map


Lesson 3: Basemap


Lesson 4: Bookmarks


Lesson 5: Adding Layers

From a File

From Your ArcGIS Online Content


Lesson 6: Searching for Data

ArcGIS Online

Living Atlas


Lesson 7: Layer Styling


Lesson 8: Analysis Tools


Lesson 9: Saving Your Map


Lesson 10: Printing Your Map


More Resources for Learning ArcGIS Online

Go to the Esri Tutorial Gallery, on the Filter to the left, select the following:

All Products ► ArcGIS Online

All Roles ► New User or Student

All Levels ► Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

YouTube Playlist with short videos explaining basic tools and skills in ArcGIS Online