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Research Guides

ES/POL 325: International Environmental Law

Research Tips


  • Start early! Note any information you come across that applies to a later assignment. This will save you time!
  • Make sure you search your Treaty Secretariat's website thoroughly! Look for links to documents and official records of meetings.
  • Try different combinations of search terms, including synonyms and abbreviations or acronyms
  • Don't forget to look at a source's bibliography and read footnotes!
  • Use the advanced search option for a website, wherever available, for a more effective search.
  • Note the publication dates of resources. For negotiations, try a book published around the time the treaty was signed or went into effect. Try searching a newspaper around that date. For treaty results or compliance, try a later publication date.
  • Look for an IGO or NGO that works with the topic of your treaty. Search their website.
  • When searching for a law review, add the word "review" or "history" or "compliance" or "negotiations" to your search terms.
  • Try searching in a database that covers the topic of your treaty. Use the Databases A-Z list for suggestions. 
  • Is the U.S. a party to this treaty? Try searching ProQuest Congressional for a hearing on the treaty.