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Research Guides

EDUC 215: Educational Inequality and Social Transformation in Schools: In Class Activities

1. NCES Data

The National Center for Educational Statistics is a fantastic place to base your research in your chosen school district. There are three levels of data dashboards you can use to access different pieces of data:

2. Make your observations into searches

Chat GPT can be a great way to generate key terms. You can try asking it to help you create a list of keywords to use in a scholarly search.
Example: "What are some key terms i can use for searching for topics on education and single parent households?"

Don't be afraid to ask it to refine its list!
Example: "Please generate another list of keywords focusing on the impact of economic pressures in single parent households with school-aged children."

Boolean logic is a method of stringing together key terms in a way that a scholarly database can use to get you the best results. Try out the tips below to chain together your key terms.

3. Trying out a database

In your group of two, try putting at least two search terms from the jamboard into one of the following databases. Don't forget to use AND and OR to combine your terms!

If you're interested in economic factors, consider a sociology or economics database. Interested in the impact of language on educational attainment? I'd try an education or sociology database. Try something out and don't forget to check off the filter for peer reviewed articles!