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WGST 120: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies: Zines How-To

Finding Images

Want to use these images in a presentation, on a blog, or sharing on Tubmlr, Twitter or other social media?

Design Tips

Some things to keep in mind as you design your zine pages:

  • Unless you're printing out your zine in color (which can get expensive quickly), your pages will be printed in black & white. Think about the post-print legibility of colors, patterns, and images you use. You might try copying, scanning & printing sample pages as you go to see how they look.
  • Copy machines often cut the edges off of pages, or impose small margins around the edge of copied pages. It's a good idea to leave a small margin (1/8-1/4") around the edges of your pages to allow for this.
  • If you're laying the zine out by hand (instead of with software), only decorate one side of each page. This will make your layout process much less tricky.

Open Source Zine Template

Feeling stuck on layout?  Try these open source digital zine page templates!

Scanning Zine Pages

Making pages on paper that you want to scan at home?  Try the app TinyScanner on your phone, which can scan multi-page color pdfs that you can email to yourself or your professor.