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WGST 120: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies: Zines & Examples

Zines at Clapp!

Come see past WGST 120 zines as well as other student and non-Wellesley work!

The Clapp Library zine collection is located on shelves along the wall in the Clapp Library's Reference Room (the big room near the front entrance). The collection is organized using Anchor Archive Zine Library box codes.

You can search the library catalog for zines by setting the search:

Wellesley College students, faculty and staff can check zines out of the library for up to one week!

What's a Zine?

Zines are...

Self-published, usually in small batches

Distributed by their makers (either independently or through zine distributors) by hand, at zine fests, and by mail

Labors of love -- made for self-expression, not for profit

A medium for expressing ideas & telling stories that aren't represented in the mainstream print (or other) media

Zines Online

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