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Wellesley College Research Guides

AFR 341: Africans of the Diaspora

Search Selected Databases

To find additional databases relevant to your research interests, go to the Library's Databases A-Z list and use the Subjects menu. 

Africana Studies 

Note: The last 3-5 years of articles are not available for many journals on JSTOR. Be sure to supplement your JSTOR searches with searches in other databases appropriate to your specific topic.



Art, Music, & Literature

Social Sciences 

Multidisciplinary Databases 

Selected Journals

See the Get Started page for tips on finding individual journals through SuperSearch.

Find Books on Your Topic

You can find books in SuperSearch, but searching the catalog can be useful for focusing your search. Your keywords are searched in information about the books (see the sample catalog record under Catalog Search Tips) rather than in the full text of the books themselves, so it's more likely that the books that come up will be relevant to the topic expressed by your keywords. 

Search the Library Catalog

Catalog Search Tips

Try a keyword search. Once you find a book that is relevant to your topic, use the subject terms for that book to help you find "more like this" and explore different aspects of a broader topic.

Example: Keyword search:  Caribbean religion*

Subject terms for books from this keyword search lead you to many more books on aspects of the topic, for example:


Catalog record for the book Afro-Caribbean Religions, with the subjects highlighted