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Research Guides

ENG 317: The Black, The Lady, and the Priest: Medieval Romance and the Politics of Race

Dr. Cord Whitaker - Fall 2020


This guide provides some useful starting points for your research in ENG 317. If you would like help finding, evaluating, or citing sources, or would like to chat about any aspect of your research, please get in touch! You can email me (see my contact information on this page) or make an appointment with me here: (I'm available for Zoom or chat appointments during the pandemic.)

Key Databases

These databases contain a combination of full text articles and citation information about articles, book chapters, or books. When you find a citation only, use the Find It!@Wellesley link to get to the full text or request it through Interlibrary Loan (articles and book chapters only, currently). If you don't see a Find It! link, use the citation information to search for it in SuperSearch.

Best Bets

Other Useful Databases

Search Tips

  • Use synonyms and truncation to find all the ways your topic is expressed--databases are very literal
  • Combine multiple concepts using AND / OR for best results


Sample topic:   Chaucer's construction of marriage

(Chaucer OR "Franklin's Tale" OR "Wife of Bath's Tale") - synonymous concepts


(marriage OR wyf* OR wife* OR housebonde OR husband OR [other specific examples]) - truncation

Digital Collections of Medieval Texts