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Wellesley College Research Guides

Find Sources

Books can be scholarly or popular.  

We can help you find peer reviewed books or popular ones using the catalog or other resources below.


Search SuperSearch

SuperSearch is a great place to start for journal articles, books and almost everything else the library has, in one easy to use interface.

To use SuperSearch, visit it at and type in keywords or a book title.

In the filters on the left-hand side of the screen, choose eBooks and Books from the Source Type list to filter for all books.

Screenshot: To find all books, check off the eBooks and Books options in the Source Types filter on the left side of the SuperSearch results page.

Internet Archive and Hathi Trust

Search the Library Catalog

The catalog is a great tool to use to find specific books or to browse for similar ones. Try entering a keyword or title above! 

In the results page, you can filter using the options on the right-hand side. Filter by language, publication date, topic, and more.


eBooks FAQ


Can I read journal articles on my e-reading device?

Most journal articles are available as PDF files. PDF files can be viewed on most reading devices, although the format can be difficult to use on small handheld devices.

I don't want to download the book, I just want to print from it. Can I do that?

Depending on how much of the book you wish to print, yes.  ‚ÄčEbook Central will typically allow you to print up to 40% of the ebook and is reset after 24 hours. To print, click on the Read Online button to view the ebook, then click on the Print button in the menu bar across the top of the screen. Select the chapters or page ranges you wish to print and click the appropriate Print button for the option you have chosen.

Can I view Wellesley College Library e-books on my Kindle / Kindle Fire?

It depends on the e-book, but in most cases, no. Kindle e-book readers are not compatible with e-books that use Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM), or with Adobe Digital Editions. This means that most e-books available through the Wellesley College Libraries (including Ebook Central) are not viewable on your Kindle. DRM-free PDFs can be viewed on your Kindle.


Can I download SpringerLink e-books?

Springer ebook titles that appear in the Wellesley library catalog are available as PDF files of chapters. You can download, save and share as many PDF chapters of these titles as you need. To save the file to your device: open the chapter on the Springerlink site, click on  springer download.gif and save the file.