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SOC 200: Classical Sociological Theory

Search SuperSearch

On the SuperSearch search results page, scroll down until you locate the Source Types filter on the left.

SuperSearch is a great place to start for journal articles, books and almost everything else the library has, in one easy to use interface.

For searching with more focus and precision, try one of the databases recommended on this guide.



Check the box next to Academic Journals under the Source Types filter on the SuperSearch results page.

Subject Specific Databases

These databases contain sociology-specific materials and can be accessed from this guide or directly from the Databases List on the LTS website. 

Use Google Scholar to Find Newer Research

When you find an article or book that is useful for your research, you probably know to consult its bibliography or reference list to find other potentially relevant sources. In this way, you're tracing the scholarly conversation backwards in time. But you can also trace citations forward to find newer scholarship that cites the source you have in hand.

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Do a search for your source
  3. Click "Cited By" to see works in Google Scholar that have cited your source

You can also search within the results to find only sources that mention a particular work or other keyword.


You can also try Google Scholar's "Related articles" link, which uses Google's proprietary algorithms to pull up similar articles.

Google Scholar - Cited By Tool