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 SOUTH ASIA STUDIES: Find Internet Resources

External research guides

Visit these extensive research guides for other research tips & resources. Search our catalog for titles you find on external guides, to see if we have access. 

Key Internet Resources

Highlight: Asian Barometer

The Asian Barometer Survey (ABS) is an applied research program that aims to gauge public opinion on issues such as political values, democracy, and governance across Asia. Our regional survey network encompasses research teams from 13 East Asian states and 5 South Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal)

Access the Asian Barometer

Highlight: The Long Emergency

The government of India declared a national emergency citing internal instability in June 1975. By June 26th, the day after emergency had been declared, media outlets in the country had received instructions on news that must be censored.

This site brings together oral histories, videos, documents, political cartoons, government documents and court records, and media on the national emergency and India in the 1970's.

Access The Long Emergency