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Open Access Publishing @ Wellesley

Open Access Policy at Wellesley College

Wellesley College faculty adopted an Open Access policy for scholarly communication on Feb 6, 2013. The policy states that:

The purpose of the Open Access Policy is to ensure that Wellesley College faculty retain by default their rights including the right to keep copies of their publications for non-commercial use on a web server maintained by Library & Technology Services (LTS), allowing for wider dissemination and visibility of their work.

Therefore the policy establishes that:

Each Faculty member grants to Wellesley College permission to make available his or her scholarly articles and to exercise the copyright in those articles. 

and that: 

Each Faculty member will provide an electronic copy of the author’s final version of each article no later than the date of its publication at no charge to the appropriate representative of the Provost’s Office in an appropriate format specified by the Provost’s Office. The Provost’s Office may make the article available to the public in an open-­access repository.  

Complying with the OA Policy

In order to comply with the Open Access Policy, you will need to deposit your scholarly work in the institutional repository, the Wellesley College Digital Repository, where the work will be stored, preserved, and made freely available. To deposit your work, please e-mail a copy of your final manuscript to the address at the time of acceptance. The author's final manuscript is the version which has been peer-reviewed but has not yet been formatted by the publisher.

All questions regarding the Open Access Policy should be directed to the Scholarly Communications Group at