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Music: Electronic Music

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Albleton, Ambience, Beat, Compression, Fabfilter, Kontakt

Wellesley Sound Lab

Sound Lab Information

Located within the Jewett Arts Center, on the lower floor of the Music Library, which serves as both a computer lab and a classroom, with the workstation that has a wide range of audio software. 

Featured Electronic Musicians

More on Electronic Music

Fact Magazine

Fact Magazine logo with "Fact" written in an extended horizontal font

Fact Magazine YouTube Channel

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A music publication that was launched in the UK, which It covers a wide range of UK, US and international music and youth culture focusing on electronic, rap, pop artists. 





A Berlin-based music software company, which produces and distributes the production and performance program, "Ableton Live", along with a collection of instruments and sample libraries. 





developer and a supplier of software-based audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets, which began in 1992.



Your EDM

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A Seattle-based music publication focusing on electronic dance music (EDM), providing up-to-date information and news on EDM scene.