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Wellesley College Research Guides

Fellowship Applicants: Library Support for Students & Alums

Tips for Making Faculty Connections

Below are a few suggestions for researching and identifying faculty in a particular field.

  • Professional societies or associations: Look for the professional society for a specific field. These can be international (Modern Language Association) or for specific countries (Indian Chemical Society). Faculty are often involved in these societies and their publications.
  • Check university websites: Check the staff or faculty directories of institutions, or specific department or program websites. Often faculty include links to their CVs or summarize their research interests.
  • Identify key academic journals: Determine the key publications for a specific field (we can help!). Leading faculty are often involved in these publications or edit the journals.
  • Speak to Wellesley College faculty: Faculty will know the prominent researchers in their fields.
  • Meet with a librarian in your subject area: We can help you with all of the above!


More resources on the Investigate Institutions page.