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Wellesley College Research Guides

AFR 243: The Black Church: In Class Activities

1. Appointments

Click here to make an appointment with me to chat about finding sources or citing them!:

2. Oxford Bibliographies

Type "gospel music" into the search box in this database and choose the first result to start this activity in class:

Add terms you expected to see and terms that are new to you in the jamboard here:

3. Databases - peer-reviewed articles and books

In groups of 3-4, try our search from part 2 in your group's assigned database:

Group 1 and 2: JSTOR African American Studies Journals
Group 3 and 4: ATLA
Group 5 and 6: America: History & Life
Group 7 and 8: Music Index

Put our search into your database and click on the peer reviewed filter if one exists.

On the jamboard, write down some pros and cons to the database. Were the results relevant to our topic? Was it hard to get any results? Were the filters useful?

4. Primary sources

In your groups, browse the primary sources tab of this guide ( for one object about gospel music.

That can be a musical recording, newspaper or magazine article, image, other text, whatever you like! Be prepared to share it with the group - what it is, where you found it, and why did you choose it.