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HIST 213: Conquest & Crusade in the Medieval Mediterranean: Find Primary Sources

How do I find primary sources?

Q: I don't read Latin/Old High German/Medieval Arabic/etc.  How can I find sources in English?

A: You're in luck!  There are many resources in English right here in the library and online.  Click the links in the grey and white box for some of the larger ones.  To find even more, perhaps on a specific topic, try finding one by beginning at a more generalized topic. 

For example, I clicked on the link in the grey box for Medieval worlds: a sourcebook.  In SuperSearch, you can click on the record title (pictured below) and scroll to see the subjects listed, including subjects with "source" in them.  These typically have translated or transcribed primary sources.  

If any record in SuperSearch has "Sources" in a subject heading, click on the record title to find more sources like this.

After clicking on the title, click on any of the hyperlinked subject headings with "subject" at the end to link to a new search with more primary sources.

Primary Sources

Below are links to primary sources and source collections.  These are not the only sources available to you, but they represent a wide sample. 

Take a look at the links, use them to brainstorm searches using the tips on the left, and don't hesitate to reach out if you want to do some searches with a librarian!