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Wellesley College Research Guides

EDUC 116Y: Representing School and Society on the Big Screen

In Class: Activity 1

In your group, open this jamboard ( and note the differences between the sources.


In Class: Activity 2

Open ERIC and click on the thesaurus link in the blue bar at the top of the page. Search for school choice and add one of the related terms you see to our word bank on the jamboard on a yellow sticky note.

Pick a yellow sticky note term posted by another group and search for it in ERIC. Find a peer-reviewed article published in the last three years and write out the citation in APA on a green sticky note. Put the note next to the yellow sticky note term that inspired you!

In Class: Activity 3

Browse the New York Times article and highlight the places you think you would need to add a citation if you turned this article in to Dr. Hong for class.

In Class: Activity 4

Search one of these sources for an article on school choice about the place you were born or published the year you were born.

HINT: to find something about the place you were born, add it to the search terms.
Example: "school choice" AND california

To find something published the year you were born, limit the publication date in the filters either in the advanced search screen or on the results page.