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Wellesley College Research Guides

Library Systems FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our new library systems, SuperSearch and our new catalog - Fall 2022.

Sharing links from SuperSearch

If you have constructed a search in SuperSearch and want to share that search with others, use the Share dropdown menu at the top of the results list mid-screen. For example, here is a search on happiness and sleep: image of a search for happiness and sleep in SuperSearch

And here is the Search button and the permalink: image of the permalink for a search

Copy the Permalink and paste wherever you like.

You can also save your search by logging in first, and then in the Share menu, choose Add Search to Folder.

Sharing links from the Library Catalog

A permalink from the library catalog looks like this:

Library catalog record base URL          Record #

  1. To share a link, click on a title in the search results to show an item record.
  2. To be sure you have the permalink, you can right click on the Permalink button above and copy the link address. 
  3. Clicking the Permalink button will also refresh the page, so the permalink will be in the browser address line. 

    Permalink button in the Library Catalog