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Wellesley College Research Guides

ES 251: Future of Energy

Create a Quick Bibliography

There are two ways to create a quick bibliography.

Method 1:

  • control-click on the items you want in your bibliography
  • right-click and choose "Create Bibliography from Items..."
  • choose your preferred citation style, output mode, and output method

                bibliography of highlighted items copied to clipbo            Method 2:

  • Set your preferred citation style in Preferences > Export > Default Format
  • Control-click the items you want in your bibliography
  • Drag the items into any open text field (in Word, Google Docs, etc.)
  • presto!

Cite While You Write: Microsoft Word

Zotero has plugins that allow you to write and cite at the same time in Microsoft Word and some open source word processors.

Directions on how to use these plugins are on the Zotero website and are quite good. Most screenshots below are using a Mac and Word for Mac 2011. Other versions may look slightly different.

Zotero Word Processor Plugin Options

Mac/Word 2011 - Find Zotero options under the Scroll icon.

Windows/Word 2010 - Find Zotero options on the Add-Ins tab.

You can add or edit a bibliography, add or edit a citation, set document preferences (i.e. select or change your citation style), and remove field codes (i.e. make the document fresh and clean to send to anyone else.)

Add a Citation

Search for your citation, then press enter. Voila! Citation added and formatted correctly.

You can even add page numbers to your in-text citation, suppress the author from the in-text citation if it makes sense, or add prefix/suffix information.

Add a Bibliography

Once you have finished writing your paper and inserting citation, you can add a bibliography to your text. Simply place your cursor in the text where you want the bibliography to appear, then select "Add Bibliography."

And then your bibliography will appear wherever your cursor is.


Cite While You Write: Google Docs and LibreOffice

Zotero also integrates with Google Docs and LibreOffice (a free and open-source office suite).