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Research Guides

WRIT 165: China Past and Present: In Class Activities

1. Appointments

Click here to make an appointment with me to chat about finding sources or citing them!:

2. Oxford Bibliographies key terms

Type media AND China into the search box in this database to start this activity in class:

Add terms you expected to see and terms that are new to you in the jamboard here:

3. Finding Scholarly Sources

Part 1:

Use our key terms from activity 1 to do a search for peer reviewed articles or books in one of the following databases:


Part 2:


Browse the Oxford Bibliographies entry we used earlier and choose one secondary source listed there to add to the jamboard as a potential source for a paper on Western mass media about China.

4. Primary sources

In pairs, browse the primary sources tab of this guide and find one potential primary source for western media and China.

Think about searching by source type (example: China AND "travel brochure"), topic (example: Mao AND "Great Leap Forward"), or browse the sources using the website's filters. Some let you browse by time period or region!

Write down one source you found on the jamboard!

Another way to find translated primary sources in books is to use the catalog to search for your topic AND (documents OR sources)


China AND "western media" AND (documents OR sources)