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Research Guides

POL 200: American Politics

Trace Legislation

Congressional Activity

Nonpartisan Political Analysis

  • National Journal nonpartisan weekly on politics, policy and government. 1977+

National Journal Daily - follow the key players and legislative process on Capitol Hill; latest 2 weeks only

  • CQ Products - Wellesley subscribes to the following CQ databases: 

CQ Magazine - full text articles on legislation before Congress, political and lobbying activity. Includes votes data. 1983+.

CQ Researcher Plus Archive - in-depth, unbiased background & analysis on timely political topics from 1991+

CQ Almanac 1945-2013 - original analysis and data on major legislation and political dates during each Congressional session.

  • Almanac of American Politics - (2012-present) Voting records and election results for Senators, Representatives & Governors; info on their states and districts, interest group ratings for elected officials, campaign expenditures reported to the FEC, and descriptions of Congressional districts.  
  • CQ Congress & the Nation - analysis of members of Congress, key votes, interest groups, public policy legislation (1945-2012)


Congressional Districts, Senators & Representatives 

Congressional Districts in the 2000s: A Portrait of America Clapp Ref JK 1341 C65 2003. Descriptions of Congressional districts.

U.S. House of Representatives - find the representative for your home district, or search for issues and read experts' testimony, congressmen sponsoring legislation about that issue, or dissenting views. Find your representative's YouTube channel.

U.S. Senate - find the senators for your state, or look up specific legislation. See recent legislation by topic or find your senator's YouTube channel.

The Redistricting Game [USC Annenberg Center] - provides a basic introduction to the redistricting system, allows players to explore how abuses can undermine the system, and provides info about reform initiatives.

Redistricting from the National Conference of State Legislatures and from the U.S. Census Bureau.

General Policy Websites

Congressional Research Service Reports - prepared for members of Congress these reports are timely, unbiased, and accurate.

Public Agenda - A nonpartisan opinion research organization helping Americans explore and understand critical issues since 1975. See their discussion guides.

Rand Corporation - A non-profit institution that addresses the challenges facing the public and private sectors around the world. See their list of research areas.