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Research Guides

SPAN 272: Understanding Modern Spain

Professor Ramos: Fall 2022

Search the Library Catalog

Catalog Search Tips

Looking for books on your topic? Here are a few tips!

  • sample topic:  immigration to Spain 
  • sample search: immigra* AND (span* or spain) [for immigration, immigrating, immigrant, etc. and spanish, spaniard, etc.]

    • use synonyms to find all the ways your topic is expressed  (cat OR gato OR feline)
    • use truncation to save time (span* for Spanish, Spaniard, etc.)
    • use Advanced Search and combine multiple concepts using AND for best results
  • examine your results and click on the title of a book that looks good  
  • look at the Subjects and follow the links to find more on that topic, e.g., 
    • Immigrants – Spain
    • Women immigrants – Spain
    • Africans – Spain    (or whatever immigrant group interests you)
    • Spain Social Conditions

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