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WGST 240: U.S. Public Health, Theory and Practice: StoryMaps

ESRI's StoryMaps

What is a StoryMap?

StoryMaps is a web-based application within ArcGIS Online that allows you to build an interactive multimedia narrative.

The StoryMaps application is available to the Wellesley College community with a special login  contact to get an account ID.

StoryMaps Login (once you've received your ID)

Explore StoryMaps

Here are some examples of what a StoryMap can look like!

An Introduction to Sea Ice

Washington's Ice Age Floods

The Bare Earth

The Spilhaus World Ocean Map in a Square

StoryMaps Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 0: Getting Started

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 1: Logging In

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 2: The Cover

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 3: Theme & Design

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 4: The Block Palette

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 5: Adding Media


StoryMaps Tutorial Step 6: Maps

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 7: Immersive Elements

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 8: Credits

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 9: Publishing Your StoryMap

StoryMaps Online Documentation

Scroll through the StoryMap below to learn more about how to build a StoryMap!

View the StoryMap documentation in a separate browser window. 

GIS and Data Instructional Technologist

StoryMaps Step-by-Step Tutorial (text version)