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WGST 240: U.S. Public Health, Theory and Practice: Find Data

ArcGIS Data

ArcGIS has many datasets available for easy, immediate use inside the tool. 


  1. Click on + Add â–¼ at the top of the screen and select 'Search for Layers'
  2. Click on the dropdown menu that says My Contentâ–¼ and select 'Living Atlas' or ArcGIS Online' depending on what type of data you are searching for:
    1. Living Atlas: ESRI-curated collection of geographic information from around the world
    2. ArcGIS Online: data created by other ArcGIS Online users [These data must be vetted by the user to determine the quality of the author and data contents]
  3. In the Search Bar, type in keyword related to the data you are looking for, and press ENTER
  4. In the Results list, click on the title of the data layer to learn more about it
  5. Click 'Add to Map' or  to add the layer to the map

More Help!

If the data you're looking for isn't here, you think it may not exist, or you're not sure how to translate your topic into a search for data, make an appointment with us and we'll search together!

  • For help with research-related questions, such as how to translate your group's project into a library resources search, please set up an appointment with Sarah M. using this link.
  • For help finding data in ArcGIS Online, or other digital data-related questions, email David O'Steen at — please include a little background information about the type of data you are looking for in your email.


Not sure who to meet with — no worries! Reach out to one of us and we'll make sure you get in touch with whichever of us is better able to help you!