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Wellesley College Archives: Wellesley Publications


Courant - online 1888-89 
This was a joint publication of students, faculty and alumnae, issued weekly during the academic year.  It contained news of college events, alumnae notes, literary pieces (essays, poems, etc.), news gleaned from publications of other colleges and universities, notes of world events, and humor items.

Prelude - online 1889‑92
This successor to the Courant was issued weekly during the academic year.  It contained many of the same kinds of information, but added editorials, and other items which expressed student opinion on campus or world issues.

Wellesley Magazine/Wellesley Alumnae Quarterly/Wellesley - online 1892-1898 · online 2012-present
This successor to the Prelude was issued monthly during the academic year, and contained the same types of information.  Letters to the editor became common.  In 1901 its news segments began to receive competition from the Wellesley College News.  Gradually the focus of the Magazine began to change, becoming more purely a literary magazine.  The News remained a newspaper reporting campus news, reviews of cultural events on campus or in the vicinity, expressions of student opinion (in the form of editorials or letters to the editor), and a humor column.  

Wellesley News online 1901‑1975
This is issued weekly during the academic year.  It features news of campus events, editorials, letters to the editor, humor pieces, and occasional photographs.  In the beginning it included notes on alumnae, but these ceased when a separate alumnae magazine got under way in 1916.  Beginning in 1922 News included a column from the Placement Office describing professions or alerting students to career possibilities.  The first annual humor issue appeared in June 1923.  No index is available.


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Here are several examples from the University of Milwaukee.


Yearbooks - online 1889-1950

Course catalogs and bulletins - online 1903-present

President’s reports - online 1889-1974

Honors Theses - online 2012-present



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