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StoryMap JS

The Project

For your modern history class, you are asked to put together a story map highlighting interactions and global movement. You can pick a topic of your choice--be it the exchange of ball games, silks, or ideas--and track it across time and space. 

This page is designed to take your through the steps of how to complete your project. If you have any questions, contact your history librarian (Dr. Bee Lehman). 

Project Parameters

For your project, you need to:

  • Pick a topic in Early Modern History 
    • Topics should be broad, something you can track it over different centuries and continents
  • Explore different primary source collections for materials
    • Select 10 different documents (i.e., paintings, maps, letters, gov. docs., and more)
    • Materials must touch three continents and at least two centuries
  • Use StoryMap JS to make an argument about your project
    • Title your project and write an argument 
    • Include slides with your chosen material and
      • Pin the StoryMap with a place associated with your document
      • Write a few sentences explaining how your document demonstrates your claim - note that this will likely require a little bit of visual analysis. You may also need to check your dates and other background information.
      • Include a rights statement for your documents
      • Include a citation for your chosen material 

Short, Three-Slide Sample: