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REL 230: Ethics: Home


Use the sources in this guide to find resources on your topic.

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Scholarly - Background Information

Find scholarly introductions to your topic. Use the bibliographies of each article to find relevant, related readings.

Scholarly - Broad Overviews

Scholarly - Journal Articles

Use these databases to find scholarly articles on specific aspects of your topic.

Popular - Background Information & Broad Overviews

These sources will give you broad, popular overviews of your topic. They are written at a Newsweek or Time magazine level.

Search SuperSearch

SuperSearch is a great place to start for journal articles, books and almost everything else the library has, in one easy to use interface.

To use SuperSearch, visit it at and type in keywords or a book title.

In the filters on the left-hand side of the screen, choose eBooks and Books from the Source Type list to filter for all books.


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