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Wellesley College Research Guides


A brief guide to the open source statistical software, R.

Learn R with Edge EdX Online Modules On Data Analysis

Please visit this website to see the QAI's available online resources for Statistics and R. Here is a specific youtube playlist with videos pertaining to R. 

R @ Wellesley

Installing R

R is free and open source software for Macs, PCs, and Linux. Find installation information here: PCs | Macs
Watch a video guide to installing R.
R is also available on all classroom and lab computers on campus.

For help installing R, visit the Help Desk in Clapp Library or email

R Studio

RStudio is a user interface for R that organizes the windows that you see while using R. We recommend that Windows users install both R and RStudio, as the default R interface on Windows is not user-friendly. RStudio is also particularly helpful for those who are used to Stata. The program is free and open source, and installers are available on the above Mac and PC pages.

RStudio Anatomy Tutorial

STAT Course Catalog can be found here. Courses at or above STAT160 utilize R. Introductory STAT courses outside the math department are sometimes taught in R as well.