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Research Guides

ECON 203: Econometrics


Welcome to the research guide for
ECON 203: Econometrics

Use the tabs on "Finding Data Using IPUMS", "Finding Supporting Literature", and "Stata" to help with your research project. The pages on these tabs contain video tutorials, databases, and other helpful links to guide you through the research process. Do not hesitate to reach out to Daria or Dani for any help!

Search Tips

  • Reliable data should indicate the method of compilation.
  • If the data have been aggregated, the original source should be identified.
  • Read any methodological or technical notes, codebooks, or metadata associated with the data. 
  • Note the method by which the data have been gathered.
  • Match variables closely in time.
  • Don't forget to cite data.
  • Start early!

Stata Installation Help

Here are the instructions for installing Stata. Make sure to do them in order.

You can also email with questions or concerns.