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HIST 116Y: Vladimir Putin: Personage, President, Potentate: Find Political Cartoons and Other Primary Sources

Find Political Cartoons

Google image search can be a great place to search for political cartoons.  The big thing to keep in mind, however, is you need to be able to verify when and where the images are from!  Google can help you narrow a time period, but keep in mind that unless the cartoon you select is published on a news website, the date may be inaccurate.

Use google image's search tools to refine your search and discover additional search terms:

Make sure you inspect where a cartoon comes from!  The important thing to remember is click through to the site to understand its context and source.  From our search above, we have two cartoons:

One from the San Jose Mercury News:

And one from a non-news website called, which does not have enough information and context to be a reputable source:

Find Newspapers and Other Sources

One of the best ways to search for political cartoons is to search a newspaper database.  Try one of the newspaper databases below and limit your search to editorial cartoons or comic in the document type box in the search window.