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Wellesley College Research Guides

MES/REL 261: Cities in the Islamic World: In Class Activities

1. Appointments

Click here to make an appointment with me to chat about finding sources or citing them!:

2. Oxford Bibliographies key terms

Type architecture AND Islamic into the search box in this database to start this activity in class:

Add terms you expected to see and terms that are new to you in the jamboard here:

3. Finding Scholarly Sources

Part 1:

Browse the Oxford Bibliographies entry we used earlier, take a look at the studies by region, and choose one.  Browse that bibliography and write the region you chose along with a secondary source from the bibliography on the jamboard.


Part 2:

Pick a city in the region you chose in part 1. Use our key terms from activity 1 along with the region you chose in part 1 of activity 2 to do a search for peer reviewed articles or books in one of the following databases: