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PHIL 345: Empathy, Perspective-Taking, and Moral Judgment: Find Articles

Finding peer-reviewed articles on SuperSearch

SuperSearch searches through articles across all disciplines at Wellesley.  Learn how to search for peer-reviewed articles in it in this video.

How do you find a known article?

See an article in a footnote you want to chase down?  Try the following methods to find the article itself:


Type the title into a database.  Choose a subject-specific or multidisciplinary database from this list and type in a combination of the title, author, or subjects represented in the search bar.  Don't forget to filter for peer-reviewed essays only!


Find the journal issue.  Pull the citation in the footnote or bibliography apart and find the issue that contains the article.  Look at the citation below to identify the journal title.  Type that journal title into SuperSearch and it will appear on the right-hand side of your results page with links to databases where it may be find.  Choose one and navigate to the volume and issue numbers indicated in the citation.

Eichhorn, Kate. "D.I.Y. Collectors, Archiving Scholars, and Activist Librarians: Legitimizing Feminist Knowledge and Cultural Production Since 1990." Women's Studies 39.6 (2010): 622-646

Eichhorn, Kate. - Author
"D.I.Y. Collectors, Archiving Scholars..." - Article title
Women's Studies - Journal title
39 - Volume number
6 - Issue number
2010 - Year
622-646 - Pages

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