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Wellesley College Research Guides

AMST/REL 218: Religion in America: Using SuperSearch

Secondary Sources

SuperSearch can be a great way to search for articles on a topic that crosses several disciplines at the same time.  

Put in keyterms in SuperSearch, then on the results page use the filters like I did below to search for scholarly and peer-reviewed journal articles:

When you see a promising article, look at the journal it's from - it might be a good one for your research!  Click on the link to search for other, related articles in that journal.

See a good journal in your syllabus and want to see if we have access to more articles from it here? Put the title of the journal into SuperSearch and look on the right panel of the results page - if we have it, it will come up in the "Publication Finder"!

Primary Sources

SuperSearch can also be used to find primary sources. 

Put your search terms in and, on the results page, use the filters to select content types like video, magazine articles, and government documents:


If your research is about a specific time period, scroll down to filter by time, too: