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Research Guides

HIST 244: History of the American West: Find Primary Sources

Using SuperSearch to find Primary Sources

SuperSearch can also be used to find primary sources. 

Put your search terms in and, on the results page, use the filters to select content types like video, magazine articles, and government documents:


If your research is about a specific time period, scroll down to filter by time, too:

Primary Sources

Use the tabs below to explore resources and topics for your papers.  The links below by no means represent all of the resources available to you. 

If you don't see anything here that speaks to your topic or you just want to brainstorm, feel free to make an appointment with me to chat and search!:

Core and General Sources

Location-Based (States, Territories, and More)


Newspapers and Other Publications

Legal Sources

The West, Manifest Destiny, and Expansion

Civil War and the South

Race and Slavery

Culture and Society

General Sources


Mainstream Politics and Political Culture

War and Diplomacy


Newspapers and Media


Work, Labor, Radicalism, and Activism