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Primary Sources - History: General Digital Collections


Use this guide to find digitized historical maps.  The collections are searchable and downloadable.

Digitized Books

Wellesley Archives and Special Collections

We have access to many resources right here in Clapp, including older books and newer sources that can be found in SuperSearch!  

Finding Primary Sources at Wellesley

Wellesley has access to many resources you can use as evidence in your papers and projects.

One tool you can use at the start of your research is SuperSearch, which looks through databases as well as the materials we have in the library itself.  Enter a search, then using the filters on the left-hand side of the results page to narrow by material type (eg newspaper article, image, etc) and date (a date range helps to find a primary source in the scope of your topic!).



Help! I don't speak the language of my sources!

Q: I don't read Latin/Old High German/Medieval Arabic/etc.  How can I find sources in English?

A: You're in luck!  There are many resources in English right here in the library and online.  Click the links in the grey and white box for some of the larger ones.  To find even more, perhaps on a specific topic, try finding one by beginning at a more generalized topic. 

For example, I searched in SuperSearch for medieval sources and found Medieval worlds: a sourcebook.  In SuperSearch, you can click on the details button (pictured below) and scroll to see the genre and subjects listed.  These subjects are clickable and may lead you to similar resources.  Try clicking on them to find more sources in translation!

Major Digitized Archival Collections