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CLCV / ANTH 103: Introduction to Archaeology

ArcGIS StoryMaps

What is a StoryMap?

StoryMaps is a web-based application within ArcGIS Online that allows you to build an interactive multimedia narrative.

The StoryMaps application is available to the Wellesley College community, you can access it by these two ways:

  1. Go to Wellesley ArcGIS Online ( Click on the blue Wellesley College button, and use your Duo single sign-on credentials. Once you are on the Home page, click on the View More icon (), then in the expanded drop-down, go to ArcGIS StoryMaps 
  2. Go to then use your sign-in credentials


Explore StoryMaps

Here are some examples of what StoryMaps can be. For more, visit the Esri StoryMaps Gallery


Example StoryMaps
Neolithical Mystery Tour StoryMap Thumbnail The Spilhaus World Ocean Map in a Square StoryMap Thumbnail The Bare Earth StoryMap Thumbnail
Neolithical Mystery Tour The Spilhaus World Ocean Map in a Square The Bare Earth
Washington's Ice Age Floods StoryMap Thumbnail An Introduction to Sea Ice StoryMap Thumbnail Pancakes and Silver StoryMap Thumbnail
Washington's Ice Age Floods An Introduction to Sea Ice Pancakes & Silver


StoryMaps Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 0: Getting Started

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 1: Logging In

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 2: The Cover

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 3: Theme & Design

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 4: The Block Palette

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 5: Adding Media


StoryMaps Tutorial Step 6: Maps

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 7: Immersive Elements

StoryMaps Tutorial Step 9: Publishing Your StoryMap

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Esri Online Learning Resources for StoryMaps

Here is the collection of in-depth tutorials and guides by the Esri StoryMaps Team. Be sure to check out the Resources page for additional content.

For Instructors, StoryMaps-Curious?

If you are considering ArcGIS StoryMaps for your class, or research, highly recommend referring to the University of Minnesota's StoryMap Curriculum Portal - where you will find resources for constructing your assignment, assessment, as well as examples.