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Research Guides

AFR 202: Critical Perspectives of Humanitarianism in Black Countries


This guide provides some useful starting places and strategies for doing research for this course. I am happy to consult with you on any aspect of your research, from developing a research question to finding, evaluating, and citing sources. See my contact information on this page. 

Get Started with SuperSearch

Doing some initial searches in SuperSearch can be a great way to begin to explore a topic from many angles through a wide variety of sources from multiple disciplines. Start with a simple keyword search and scan the results, paying attention to aspects of the topic that jump out at you or resonate with you. Make note of key terms and subjects that you can use to focus or expand your search. Some tips:

  • Start with a broad keyword search and scan the results to discover different themes, approaches, and interpretations, e.g., 
    • food justice
  • Scan the Subjects that come up in your results list for useful terms to try in new searches.
  • Use the filters to focus your search. For example, limit to books and e-books or scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals, or use the publication date filter to find articles or books published the last 5 or 10 years.

Find Background & Context

Specialized encyclopedias, handbooks, companions, and other reference sources can also be very helpful for exploring a topic. They can summarize knowledge around a topic, synthesize scholarly discussions, and define key concepts. They often include bibliographies as well, making them a good resource for identifying key books and articles on a topic. Try searching for a topic in one of the following databases to search multiple reference sources at once. 

Here are some selected individual books related to topics of this course.

Key Internet Resources