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Wellesley College Research Guides

WRIT 134: A Nation of Immigrants?

Prof. Battat-Spring 2024

1. Appointments

Click the button below to make an appointment with me to chat about finding sources or citing them. (Optional but recommended!)

2. SIFT Discussion

Open the FigJam below to share your reactions to the SIFT method and any outstanding questions.


3. Investigating a Think Tank

Wellesley Career Education offers this Introduction to Think Tanks that we'll review first.

The SIFT method for evaluating online sources suggests you “STOP” and “INVESTIGATE” the “expertise and agenda” of your sources. But how do you find this information?

Our in-class activity will give you practice in quickly accessing important contextual information that will help you interpret and analyze sources from think tanks and other online sources.

Evaluating Online Sources In-Class Activity