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WRIT 140: Romantic Comedy


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SuperSearch is a great place to start for journal articles, books and almost everything else the library has, in one easy to use interface.


For searching with more precision, try the key databases on this page or on Historic News & Reviews tab.

Key Databases

Databases contain a combination of full text articles (ready to read online) and citation information about articles, book chapters, or books.

Literature & Film


Search Tips

Use AND to combine multiple concepts in your search. This will narrow your results.

"romantic comedy" AND women AND film

Use OR to find different ways your topic might be expressed. This will expand your results.

comedy AND (women OR female OR femininity) AND (film OR motion picture)

Use an asterisk * to find variant endings, or as a wild card. This will expand your results.

wom*OR feminin*

Use quotation marks " " to search words as a phrase. This will narrow your results.

"Pretty in Pink" AND (gender* OR wom*OR female* OR feminin*

Search the Library Catalog

Search the Wellesley Library Catalog to find books and videos.


Library Catalog Search Tips

Try a keyword search. Once you find a book that's relevant to your topic, click on the title and look for Subjects in the record of that book to help you find "more like this."

Sample keyword search for

  • "romantic comedy" AND women

leads to linked subject terms and more books related to this topic