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Research Guides

FREN 325: Material Culture, Identity, and the Everyday in Contemporary France

Prof. Jennifer Carr, Fall 2023


Welcome to the guide for FREN 325.  If you would like to talk with me about finding or citing sources for your research in this class or any other, please feel free to make an appointment with me here:

Find Background & Overviews

Specialized encyclopedias, handbooks, companions, and other reference works can be good starting places for getting an overview of a topic, definitions of key terms, vocabulary for searching, and suggestions for further reading. The following databases allow you to search across multiple reference works at once. 

Useful with caution

Francophone Wikipedia can be a portal to more reliable sources and sometimes is as a useful counterpoint to more specialized encyclopedias for more current or cultural content. You can try navigating from English Wikipedia to to locate articles for topics you're uncertain how to express in French.